We can be heroes (STOP ANIMAL TESTING)

"We can be heroes" is a signature campaign to stop testing on animals.

There are no exact numbers of animals used, but there are many millions each year. Rabbits are especially used to be tested on. The animals suffer and maybe die just so we get a tested lotion etc.

Here you have a link to a video that explains https://youtu.be/G393z8s8nFY. I have seen this video and when I was trying to find the link I didn’t have the heart to see it again. Seeing this video I really understood how terrible this is.

Just as many others, I think this is horrible. When signing up for this signature campaign, you want to stop testing on animals. This is a small thing to do for maybe saving an animal.

You can be a hero and save animals from this terrible life... you can make a difference!

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Ved å signere gir jeg Milla Rogne-Hansen fullmakt til å overlevere informasjonen som jeg gir på dette skjemaet til de som har mulighet til å gjøre noe med denne saken.


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Vi vil annonsere dette oppropet til 3000 mennesker.

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