«The Nordic Film Community» stand with protesters in Iran

«The tragedy of Jina Mahsa Amini’s death, a 22- year old Kurdish woman who died at the hands of morality police after being arrested for allegedly not following the strict dress code for women in Iran, has sparked mass protests across the country and abroad.

Thousands of women and men are bravely protesting in the streets chanting “Woman. Life. Liberty.” with great risks for their lives.

The Iranian government has responded as it usually does: with brutal crackdown. Internet access has been greatly restricted. Protesters filming the violence cannot share what they are witnessing. Being cut off from the outside world might also make them think that no one cares.

With this letter we want to amplify their voices and send a message to the Iranian people that we hear them, we see them and they are not alone. We invite everyone who believes in freedom and equality to stand in solidarity with the brave women in Iran by using your voice for those who are fighting for theirs.»

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