Åpent brev: Solidaritet med indiske universiteter



Padmaja Barua

Padmaja Barua (Bergen, )


We must win the struggles for equality, democracy and freedom of expression. Without success in doing so in India, we all stand to lose.

Poul Wisborg (Oslo, )


Intellektuell frihet ved læringsinstitusjonet er en nøkkelfaktor i ethvert demokrati

Linda Hambro (Oslo, )


this is a call for freedom of speech and expression and solidarity towards those protesting across India against CAA, indiscriminate violence against University Students and for upholding democracy and secularism.

anwesha dutta (bergen, )


Ruth Laila Schmidt

Ruth Laila Schmidt (Oslo, )


Mubashar Hasan

Mubashar Hasan (Oslo, )


I support freedom and democracy all over the world and the pivotal role of universities as the bastion of humanist values and free inquiry.

Nina Witoszek (Oslo, )





Elin Nilsen

Elin Kristine Nilsen (OSLO, )


Anne-Line Sandåker

Anne-Line Sandåker (Oslo, )


I agree with the open letter

Jørgen Dige Pedersen (Aarhus, )