Åpent brev: Solidaritet med indiske universiteter



Padmaja Barua

Padmaja Barua (Bergen, 2020-01-08)


We must win the struggles for equality, democracy and freedom of expression. Without success in doing so in India, we all stand to lose.

Poul Wisborg (Oslo, 2020-01-08)


Intellektuell frihet ved læringsinstitusjonet er en nøkkelfaktor i ethvert demokrati

Linda Hambro (Oslo, 2020-01-08)


this is a call for freedom of speech and expression and solidarity towards those protesting across India against CAA, indiscriminate violence against University Students and for upholding democracy and secularism.

anwesha dutta (bergen, 2020-01-08)


Ruth Laila Schmidt

Ruth Laila Schmidt (Oslo, 2020-01-09)


Mubashar Hasan

Mubashar Hasan (Oslo, 2020-01-09)


I support freedom and democracy all over the world and the pivotal role of universities as the bastion of humanist values and free inquiry.

Nina Witoszek (Oslo, 2020-01-09)



OLE R. VETAAS (BERGEN, 2020-01-11)


Elin Nilsen

Elin Kristine Nilsen (OSLO, 2020-01-14)


Anne-Line Sandåker

Anne-Line Sandåker (Oslo, 2020-01-14)


I agree with the open letter

Jørgen Dige Pedersen (Aarhus, 2020-01-14)